the basics

Background: I'm a Southern California native, currently living in LA. Proud Art Center College of Design Advertising Alumna (go orange dots).

Humble Bragging: I have 11ish years of experience in the ad industry and have gotten to work on a wide variety of brands with various target demographics. I pride myself on my knowledge of social media and pop culture.

Because of that, I am always up-to date on what apps, games, memes, tv shows, instawhatevers, and social sites are the most relevant to consumers. I use that knowledge to create campaigns that go beyond the :30 and become apart of the pop culture zeitgeist.

Also my decks are perfection. (admit it, that’s #1)

Bonus Points:
I have a ton of entertainment experience. I have worked on projects for dozens of Netflix shows, multiple promos and activations for E! Entertainement & WEtv.


Brynn in the Workplace: I love being fully involved in the office culture wherever I work. I’m usually the person that gets asked to do the agency Christmas card (gladly), or I’m the one that helps organize someone’s baby shower. I love setting up inner-office-betting. I recently organized a Game of Thrones Death pool and did the Oscars betting thing. I got 2nd place in both.

Outside of Advertising: I am an enthusiast of polydactyl cats, Disneyland, RuPaul’s Drag Race, My Favorite Murder, flea markets, and miniatures.

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